Facts about Volunteering 

Volunteering is a great way to build on your workplace skills and to improve job opportunities, plus it boosts confidence. Just by donating whatever time you can spare you make a valuable contribution to DVLC, to your local community, and to yourself. Currently at DVLC our volunteers contribute significantly in the areas of:

  • Literacy Classes
  • Administration & Office Work
  • Assisting Teachers in Class
  • Building Maintenance & Repairs
  • Course Brochure Distribution
  • Projects “Teach Jake to Read”
  • Events

Plus we have a range of upcoming projects at DVLC throughout the year where volunteer support will be of great assistance.  Please let us know via email or enquire at Reception (ask for Simone) if you would like to be involved. DVLC is a not-for-profit organisation and we deeply appreciate all the valuable skills and knowledge contributed by our volunteers!

Why Volunteering? 

  • Support the community
  • Have contact with people
  • Gain experience that may lead to employment
  • Learn new skills
  • Take on new challenges
  • Help and make a difference

Choosing the right volunteer area for you 

  • Your interests: taking on a role which interests you will lead to more rewarding experiences.
  • Your availability: it is important that the role you take on fits into your schedule and is for a period of time which you can commit to.
  • Your ability to travel: so select a role which is within your travel radius.

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