In our very own community, there are young people who are sleeping rough, without family support and disengaged from education. There are people with disabilities who long to live empowered lives. There are migrants who only need a bit of help with English to create a new life. There are elderly citizens who have a wealth of talent and experience and just need some assistance with computer skills.

These are just a few examples of the lives that we help transform at DVLC through our passionate care for individuals and our commitment to quality education.

Your generous donation helps us to transform lives and help our community to thrive by:

  • Assisting young people with basic needs so they can re-engage with education and life READ MORE (Link to copy provided by Katrina)
  • Providing school fees, materials fees and excursion costs for students who don’t have the money READ MORE (Link to story of Bob & June Simms Memorial fund and students served- at present could be based on blog post by Kelly floristry student)
  • Resourcing equipment, personnel and resources that allow us to serve our students READ MORE (Link to story about DVLC’s story and the challenges of keeping a centre like ours up and thriving. At present could be linked to recent Blog post by Kate.)

Choose the amount you wish to invest in DVLC’s students and programs as a one-time or monthly payment. We are a Not-for-Profit Charitable Organisation and your donation is tax exempt. Thank you!