We offer pre-accredited courses and nationally recognized certificate courses. Our flexible delivery options, range of daytime, evening and weekend classes, affordable price structure (with payment plan options) and funded accredited training for eligible applicants, make education accessible for all.

While many students come to DVLC to improve their skills, to gain employment or to start a business, a large number also come for the joy of learning, meeting others and to have fun.

We have a range of accredited courses in three categories – Short Courses, Certificate Courses and Lifestyle Courses. Find below your preferred one!

Intro to Volunteering

This course is for those interested in getting more involved in the community.  Students will learn about essential aspects of volunteering, including effective communication skills, record keeping, self management and teamwork skills, and rights and responsibilities of organisations.  Participants will then be given the opportunity to volunteer at events based at our Centre to build…

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Intro to Event Management

This course is ideal for those looking to pursue a career in event management.  The course covers all the essential aspects of running a successful event.  Promotion, budgeting, ticketing, safety and security.  On conclusion of the course, students will be well versed in an array of skills essential to event management including effective communication, record…

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Get Job Ready

Are you interested in entering the workforce but not quite sure where to start?  In this course, you will learn vital skills to help you get that job!  This course covers off vital aspects of being job ready such as personal presentation, confidence building and conflict resolution.  Our expert trainer will impart detailed knowledge of…

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Wheels to Work

Are you struggling to get your learner’s permit and take the first step towards driving?  Come along to our supportive class covering all sections needed for the Learner’s Permit.  Learn basic stress reduction techniques to manage tests.  Learn better in a group?  Do practise Learner’s Permit tests and let us help you book in for…

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Italian Beginners

A course for absolute beginners in learning the Italian language.  We also offer more advanced courses in Italian for those with a little more experience.  Please call us on 9435 9060 for more information.

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Introduction to Beauty

This course introduces students to the fundamental skills required to work in the beauty industry.  Students will receive training on essential aspects of hair care, makeup, nails and hygiene.  Administration aspects of working in a beauty salon like appointment scheduling, money handling and customer service will also be covered.  At the end of the course…

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Computers Beginners Plus More

The third course in our Computer Beginners series of courses for those with some experience with computers.  This computer course builds on skills acquired in the Beginners Plus course to improve your knowledge and capacity with computers, in a nurturing environment.  Students will be using Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10.

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Advanced Sign Language

Auslan (sign language) is the language of the Australian deaf community. This course is aimed at those who have completed the Sign Language for Beginners course and would like to expand their knowledge.  The course covers signs used in the workplace, education, medical, transport, travel and more.  Each student will have relevant scenarios applicable to…

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Computers Beginners Plus

The second course in our series of three Computer Beginners courses.  This computer course builds on beginners skills to improve your knowledge and capacity with computers, in a nurturing environment.  Students will be using Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10.  

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