DVLC is a vibrant, nurturing community of learning. From our earliest days, DVLC has provided education in creative, caring ways, meeting needs that are not filled by traditional learning venues. We create a friendly environment with small classes, and make study relevant to our students’ real-life situations. Our tutors are passionate about seeing students achieve their goals. In this environment, students feel free to explore, develop friendships and forge new directions.

Our values of kindness, rigour and fun unite the different modes through which we deliver courses. We are an RTO, offering Nationally Registered Certificates; we are a Learn Local offering Pre-accredited training ; we are a Neighbourhood House, offering a broad range of lifestyle courses. ; We offer a learning environment with alternative study options, mentorship, and support in finding employment.

Whatever your background, you will fit in. Our student group is diverse, including young adults, parents, workers, people with disabilities, older adults and people from around the world. People come to learn new skills, volunteer, meet new people, and complete courses that open exciting pathways for the future. Community groups gather to study, discuss, and learn. Networking events often happen under our roof.

And yet we retain the atmosphere of a neighbourhood house, where you’re always welcome to make a cup of tea and home-made treats regularly appear on the kitchen table.

Our Courses 

We offer a wide range of courses including:

– Short Courses that allow you to learn practical skills for your personal interest or as an employment pathway

– Nationally recognised Certificate Courses

– Lifestyle Courses to help you enrich your life and feel the thrill of learning in community.

It is important to us at DVLC to make learning accessible to all by offering flexible options and affordable price structures. All our trainers and assessors hold TAE40116 Cert IV in Training and Assessment and have expertise in the field they train and assess. Take a look here and see which of our courses may meet your interests and needs.

Our Vision
At DVLC our vision is to Nurture Opportunity and Stir Change. Our staff and teachers are committed to creating real change for people through kindness, rigour and fun. We have seen this approach serve many people who have come to DVLC for a Short Course or a Certificate – and have discovered a renewed sense of confidence and capability that allows them to achieve their goals. We are proud to be known for that.

Our Structure

DVLC is a Community Education service, governed by a Committee of Management. We receive Government Funding to subsidise our accredited and pre-accredited classes, helping us to make our courses affordable for a broad range of the community.

Our Community focus allows us to create partnerships with local businesses and other organisations to ensure no one leaves us wondering where to go next.

We also have many volunteers involved in our programs, including in-class mentors and guest speakers who provide expert insight or individual learning support to students. We welcome community involvement through Volunteering or Membership as well as through taking our courses. Please join us and be part of our ever-evolving story of Community Learning at DVLC.