Young people are an important part of what we do and care about at DVLC. We believe that every young person who comes through our door can and will be an important and successful member of their community. We assist students to reach the goals they set for themselves; in their vocation, in family life and other relationships.

Our Youth Program is run by passionate educators, who build courses and activities around the core value of respect. We cultivate a friendly environment where each student is valued and respected for their own uniqueness, and is also expected to treat everyone, including themselves – with respect.

We recognise that most of our young people are in the process of healing from some kind of trauma, and our role is to support this healing journey. Our teachers are experienced in trauma informed education and focus on the strengths that each person brings to the table. When students have the opportunity to shine and develop their personal strengths, they are also able to grow academically. Students who have not been adequately supported in traditional school environments can thrive and meet their goals at DVLC.

We offer a full VCAL Program (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) Foundation, Intermediate or Senior. Subjects include Personal Development and Work Related Skills, Literacy, Maths, and a range of short courses and enrichment activities such as resilience, art projects, sporting activities and Outdoor Education including Wilderness Camping. Students study core subjects in scheduled classes for three days a week. The common denominator is not so much what we teach, but how we teach it; with great care, confidence in our young people, and respect.

If a young person finds it overly challenging to attend school following the regular VCAL Program, we offer a wonderful and supportive flexible program. Our flexible program accommodates student’s needs to work online, from home, with the facilitation of a mentor teacher. Combined with working online we also encourage students to attend a short mentoring session either individually or in a small group one day a week. Our flexible program also aims to help develop and foster relationships by assisting students in working at school, with their mentor teacher and other students one day a week as a whole class.

All students are offered and encouraged to study a VET (Vocational and Education Training) subject as part of their VCAL for another half or full day depending on the course. VET subjects may include Food Safety, First Aid, Coffee Making, Floristry, Information Technology and Customer Service. External VET options are also available but unfortunately incur an extra cost as required by the provider.



If there are any questions or you would like to make an appointment for a ‘Meet and Greet’ with our VCAL Coordinator, Bron Curran please phone us on 9435 9060 and we would be happy to assist.